A Special Thank You

As we left the hotel this morning from Bryan, my mind started to wonder. I thought about this years’ Bears basketball season.

When we started sports photography, it was because our son played football. I was really invested in the football team. I knew all the boys that played, some of them since my son played with them on little league. I really felt connected to the team.

I watched them practice, and saw them improve, as my photography skills improved. When the season was over, I was so proud of the accomplishments they achieved.

I was also sad that there would be no more Friday night lights for the rest of the year.

Our next assignment was basketball. This was a whole new “ballgame” for us...literally.  Everything about indoor sports is different. The light, the angles, the lenses, everything. The other thing that was different, was that I really didn’t have any connections with the Varsity teams we were covering.

I was excited to cover Timpson events, but I didn’t think that I would have the same feeling of attachment that I did when football season ended. I was WRONG!

I had the opportunity to work with the most wonderful set of coaches that any sports reporter could work with. These people love these kids, and it shows! I have seen them encourage, lift-up, discipline, and correct in a way that I have never experienced.

If I need information and access to them I got it, not because they wanted to get exposure, but because they felt their kids deserved the recognition. I never knew how much time is involved to be successful coach. It is not just a couple of hours on game day. These people live at the school during Basketball season. Their children know that gym as their second home. They give all their time, for our kids, so they will grow as students and athletes.

I just want to say thank you to all the Bears basketball coaches for all the help that you have given me this season. I am so happy that Timpson is blessed with such a great group of people.

Our next assignment...you guessed it Baseball! We will cover as many games as we can. Again, this is a new experience, and we will be learning the new lighting, new angles, new lenses. We are excited about this new chapter, and can’t wait till we shoot our first game!

Rachel Reneau

Rachel Reneau