Lady Bears make History at the end of a season

Timpson Lady Bears traveled to Bryan to take on the Marlin Bulldogs.

The first period was full of action.  Marlin scored the first points with a 3 point shot.The Lady Bears quickly caught up. With a FT and a layup. The score at the end of the end of the first period had Marlin ahead by just one point with a score of 8-7.

The Lady Bears over took the Lady Bulldogs to start the second period, but by halftime Marlin was leading again 16-14.

The third period proved to be a challenge for the Lady Bears. Marlin started to widen the gap. The period end with the Lady Bulldogs ahead of the Lady Bears 30-18.

Timpson tried to rally in the fourth period, but they fell short. Marlin ended the Lady Bears season by defeating Timpson 48-30.

The Timpson Lady Bears had an outstanding season setting the bar high as they trampled their way farther than any other Lady Bear team in history. It was our great pleasure to follow these Ladies this year, and we are looking forward to next year! It’s a great day to be a Bear!