Windy day for a flight.

Well, today started out messy, windy, and cloudy as can be. Knowing that I had a piece of property to fly over today the conditions were, lets just say not good. So, I packed up my Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Pro, and my Phantom 4 Pro, loaded up the 4 wheeler, and went to work. Arriving at the site off FM 138 near Stockman, the clouds began to roll out, and the sun showed its face! Now I’m getting stoked about this flight because I know this is going to be an awesome video. I sent up the Phantom at the first location, and loaded the flight mission from Litchi. All started out great, and then….. the wind picked up! Before I knew what was happening, the alerts started coming in, then nothing. The drone wouldn’t move hardly at all. I knew I had to get him down safely, and send up the wind cutting advantages of my trusty old Mavic Pro. Needless to say I got the Phantom down safely and he did not fly the rest of the day. Mavic Pro finished the project with ease, having to switch to sport mode a time or two to get him back home. I ended up having to do the entire mission free handed, or manually because of the aggressive winds, but it was a great success!